On 30 March 2015


Dear student,


We feel immense pleasure to inform you that the Convocation Ceremony will be held on Monday, 30 March 2015 in the college premises. Sh. Sandeep Hans (Director Higher Education, Chandigarh Administration, and U.T.) has very kindly consented to deliver the Convocation Address. The college congratulates you on your success and extend to you a warm invitation to attend the ceremony. This is an opportunity for you to cherish old memories by being the part of this important day with your batch mates and group mates. The success of the occasion all depends upon your gracious and active participation in Convocation Ceremony.


Important Note: Any absentee for rehearsal will not be given the degree on the same day.





Convocation Registration: To be eligible to attend the ceremony, you must register yourself in the college at 10:00 am sharp. In order to avoid last moment chaos, you are required to inform to the concerned person in advance in case you cannot report on time. However, your reason should be valid.



  • The rehearsal is an integral part of the Graduation Ceremony.
  • All Graduands intending to participate in the Ceremony must attend the Rehearsal on the same day at 10:30 am.
  • Movement and Photography by Graduands during the rehearsal is prohibited.



  • All Graduands must collect Academic Attire by depositing Rs 300/- as security fee.



  • Seats for all the Graduands are arranged and reserved by Faculty/college. Proceed to your seat at the designated time and occupy it throughout the Convocation Ceremony.


  • Punctuality is essential for all Graduands. Any Graduands who does not arrive at the venue time will not be allowed to participate in the Ceremony.


  • Convocation is a solemn event and must be appreciated with all the seriousness attached to it. Silence must be maintained throughout the Ceremony.
  • Movement and photography by Graduands and guests are prohibited during the Ceremony. Everyone remains seated unless instructed otherwise.
  • Each Graduands must stand when his/her name is read from the graduation list.

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